REVIEW: Mortifier- Anatomies Undone

So back during the days of MySpace I discovered many a good band. I spent countless hours just trolling around on the then Social Networking giant looking for up and coming bands and buying their albums and merchandise. Hours that should have been used on studying and focusing on things in my immediate future. Things like I don’t know college for example. Four years later and two things remain true, Mortifier were one of the best bands I discovered during this time and I have absolutely no regrets about the hours it took to discover them. Listening to their tracks on their MySpace page I was anxious to get my hands on their debut album “Underground Noise,” so anxious I believe I sent money through the mail because the band had yet to start a PayPal account. I recall writing the band a letter telling them how much I enjoyed the new wave of thrash and how listening to bands like them always put a smile on my face. I lost touch with Mortifier for a while, due to a hectic work schedule and the fact that I stopped using MySpace. Not too long ago however I pulled out my copy of their debut and listened to it. I enjoyed this release more then I remember. I looked the band up and discovered they had an album due out soon and it would be released on the great StormSpell Records. Also in my search I discovered the band had released a video for a song of the upcoming release entitled “Death Brings Life.” Watching the video I was blown away by how much this band has matured. The new material sounded so much darker than anything the band had done previously and I was anxious for more.

Well this weekend I finally got my Mortifier fix. The band’s latest album “Anatomies Undone” arrived at my house via the USPS. I have to say everything about this release is a step up from their previous effort it is indeed a much darker and more technical release. The band saw some major lineup changes on this release with Peter Van Horn moving from drums to vocals the addition of Jim Mlkeon joining on bass after the departure of Brian Rex. Although these changes maybe major, they are definitely for the best. Anyone who compares the albums will surely feel the same way. Kickass kick drums and ripping solos can be found throughout “Anatomies Undone” and are evidence on how much this band has honed their abilities in the nearly four years between albums. The thing that really stands out though, at least for me is front man Peter Van Horn’s vocals; they are the perfect fit and are much needed for the bands darker sound. With tracks like “Nails in the Coffin” and the single “Death Brings Life” the band has struck pure gold in the form of great riffs, technical supremacy and an atmosphere that is darker then the blackest of nights. This really is a great album and if there were any doubters of Mortifier before, they have been silenced for sure. Mortifier has delivered a crushing album with “Anatomies Undone.” This release might one day be considered a classic milestone for the New Wave of Thrash Metal. For now though make “Anatomies Undone” a priority and do so in a hurry, because this is a limited edition release. You simply must own a copy and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Overall: 8.5/10

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