I never really paid much to the Norwegian metal scene, due to the fact that it’s dominated by Black Metal and that’s something I find hard to get into. Then I discovered the band Exeloume, who really made me look like a fool for ignoring bands from Norway. This band is simply awesome. They deliver the perfect combination of death and thrash and execute it in a way that sets a new standard for the genre. Exeloume is the perfect hybrid, and proof of this can be found on the band’s debut album “Fairytale of Perversion” which was released last year. Exeloume are more powerful than any force living, dead or out of this world and this album will hit you faster and harder than a hail of bullets traveling at light speed. With music that sets them apart from the rest of the modern metal scene “Fairytale of Perversion” is a must own for any fan of extreme music. Once you listen to this album you’ll be hooked and craving more of this band the same way a junkie craves its fix. “Fairytale of Perversion” is that addictive, it’s the kind of album that makes you want to hop on a plane, travel to Norway and see this band live. Bands like this don’t appear as often as they should and when finally does pop up on the grid  you better make sure you’re there to follow their career to the bitter end. As is the case with Exeloume, make sure you check out their debut “Fairytale of Perversion” you will be glad you did for many years to come.

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