Deathraiser will kill you, raise you from the grave and kill you again.

Deathraiser is a pretty sweet band that I found will watching YouTube videos. They are from Brazil and these guys are right up my alley. They have an album out entitled “Violent Aggression.” The title really sums things up nicely. This album simply does not let up it is fast, furious and mind blowingly awesome. This is 9 tracks of raging thrash that will simply rip your head off; it’s like getting hit by a freight train that’s moving at Mach 10, getting up and then being trampled by a horde of hungry hungry hippos. The third track on the album “Terminal Disease” starts off with the sound of an E.K.G. machine monitoring a heartbeat, and after listening to the first two tracks I thought this was the sound of my demise due to an awesome thrash attack. Albums like this put a smile on my face that can’t be wiped away. This shit rages harder than just about anything out there today that I have heard. Looking to get your ass kicked in the best possible way? Then buy this album it will do the job.

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