Gwar, Municiapl Waste and Ghoul to tour North America

Gwar is teaming up with Municipal Waste and Ghoul for one hell of a tour. Really not much to say about this other than if it’s coming to a city near you there really is no reason not to get out and enjoy yourself for a night full of thrash. It’s nice to see Gwar carrying on after the death of their guitarist Corey Smoot. I’m really curious to see Municipal Waste because I know they are working on an album that is due out later this year and would like to know if they are going to play some new material. Ghoul is a pretty cool band that I haven’t talked about. Look for a full post on them in the near future but definitely make sure you check them out. All in all this looks like a really great tour so get out and enjoy yourselves. Dates can be found here.

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