I think every thrash fan in North America shit their pants last year when rumors started to circulate about a Death Angel, Overkill, Testament and Anthrax tour. “What an insane lineup!!” we all thought. Unfortunately the rumors were only part true, because soon after the rumors began to circulate Overkill confirmed they would not be part of this tour and instead were going to enter the studio and record a new album. Although the lineup was still fantastic, I was really disappointed that Overkill would not be part of it. They might be one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live and it would have been great to see them with all these other great thrash metal bands. I was sad after reading Overkills message, and then sometime later it hit me… OVERKILL ARE WORKING ON A NEW ALBUM! I immediately began to rejoice and grabbed their latest effort “Ironbound” and blasted that shit as loud as I could. I have been anticipating this albums release like a fat guy anticipates his pizza delivery, with much excitement and an overwhelming amount of joy that I will soon have it in my hands. I grew even more excited when the band announced tour dates and an appearance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. I knew an album had to be close to release, I just didn’t know how close.

Well last night I discovered the album is indeed close. It is due out on March 27th on eOne Music and will be entitled “The Electric Age.” I couldn’t be happier right now. What’s nice about this release date is that you have time for the new material to soak in before seeing them live, because their tour doesn’t start for almost a month after the release. So get ready people Overkill are returning with a new album and a tour to support it. Are you as excited about this as I am?

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