South America has some really great bands. HeadCrusher are a great band that formed in Columbia but a few years back relocated to Austin, Texas here in the United States. Regardless of location this band is one that everyone should be aware of. The name of this band is just a warning of things to come, they will literally crush you fucking skull, so be prepared.  They have a very powerful and modern sound to them combining a whole bunch of styles of metal with the beauty being that they still bring the thrash, which is always important. Right now on their Facebook page you can buy a digital copy of their album “Let Blood Run” for as little as one dollar. Although I encourage you to dig deep and show support for these guys by giving more than that, and honestly I think once you listen to some stuff by these guys you’ll be throwing money at them. This band is really like no other in the thrash metal scene today and could be loved by any fan of modern heavy metal. I see great potential in HeadCrusher and I encourage anyone looking for something really new to check them out, immediately.

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