I really love UK thrash metal both old school and new school. Desolator, a new school thrash metal band has just popped up on my radar. Their demo is available for download and also for sale via the bands Big Cartel site and it’s definitely worth checking into. This band’s all about drinking beer and moshing it up. The track “Mandatory Mosh” is self-explanatory; it is an instrumental track that is very capable of whipping the crowd into an old school circle pit of epic proportions. Their love for both beer and thrash is clear with the tracks “Beer Brain” and a fantastic cover of the Tankard track “(Empty) Tankard.” The track “Toxic Assault” starts off with tribal like drums and turns into a brilliant full on thrash assault. So crack open a brew and sit back and listen so some Desolator. Better yet have some friends over and throw yourselves on hell of a party and make sure you blast Desolators demo as loud as you possibly can, and remember to drink some beer!

Overall: 8/10

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