Savagery are another thrash metal band from the state of Chicago, Illinois, I’m kind of digging bands hailing from this state. I especially like what I’m hearing from these guys though. The band started out by doing covers of some of their favorite bands and naturally progressed to writing their own material. On the bands “Bullet Belt Invasion” demo (which is available for freedownload) it is evident that the band loves the old school, and really who doesn’t? The open track “Thrash is Here” is a testament to what this band is about, they’re here and are looking to make a name for themselves by thrashing you senseless. “Amazonian Women” is a great example of the potential this band has, it is unique and is a prime example that this band can thrash. “Second Offense” has the vocalist mixing things up a bit, matching the guitar rhythm and throwing in some sick sounding screams. This six track demo is definitely worth checking out and the track “M-60” is just another example of why. It finds the band building on their already heavy and fast sound, and is my favorite track on the album. Recently the band has release a new track “Semi-Classical Gravity” it’s just more of what makes this band great and can be heard on the bands Facebook page.  I’m really looking forward to more of this band and you should all take advantage of the freedownload of their “Bull Belt Invasion” demo.    

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