REVIEW: Bludvera- Terrorform

Bludvera is a band that many others wish they could be. These English thrashers are truly a great modern day thrash metal band, and make everyone who has anything negative to say about modern thrash look like a fool. Although inspired by the old school, this five piece band has separated themselves from all other bands and has silenced anyone trying to make comparisons. Featuring blazing guitars, lyrics performed with brutal vocals and pounding drums that could easily wake the dead, Bludvera are a band not to be ignored. The bands highly anticipated “Terrorform EP” has set a new standard. Not one second of this release will disappoint, in fact this may easily make many ‘favorite albums list’ for 2012. Proof of that statement can be found with the track “Powerhouse” which shows not only now much this album rules but how much the band itself rules. However this track is only a small sampling of what this album has to offer. “Citizen Monopoly” brings attention to relevant issues facing the world today and will certainly have you blasting your speakers at deafening volumes. The title track off the release continues to bring attention to global problems and will have you banging your head and screaming the chorus harder and louder than you have ever done before in your life. When you listen to tracks like “Reanimate” and “Conjure the Dead” you can’t help but wonder where this band has been your entire life and how you have made it this far without them. Listening to this album you immediately notice that the guitars are played at speeds that make light speed look like shit, “Voyage Beyond the System” might just be the best example of this. Listening to the track “Parasitic Death Sentence” makes you want to find the biggest crowd of people around and start the biggest circle pit you possibly can, it like every other track on this album is a ragger. There are seven reasons you need to buy “Terrorform” when it’s released, and they are every track on this album. Bludvera have made an album that throws them in the category of supreme English thrash metal, a category shared with the likes of Onslaught and modern day favorites Evile. If you do one thing this whole year, make sure buying this album is it.

Overall: 10/10

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