Condition Critical

Condition Critical are a band that I know many of you will love. Hailing from New Jersey this thrash band has experienced a very large amount of success in a very short amount of time. This coming weekend the band adds to their impressive resume by performing on stage with bands that many dream about performing with but only few get the chance to actually do so. Who are these bands you ask? None other than Whiplash and Morbid Saint! That’s right Condition Critical are bringing their unrelenting and uncompromising thrash attack to The Barbary this Saturday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! This young band has certainly earned this prestigious honor.  Listening to their music it is clear that this band loves old school kick ass thrash metal. With influences like Exodus and Vio-lence the band manages to keep away from the much loved 80s Bay Area sound. Instead the band brings something new to the table, a harsher more aggressive sounding thrash that anyone in their right mind would love. Their demo, released last year is available for download on the bands ReverbNation page. I highly recommend that anyone wanting some pulse pounding thrash take advantage of this offer. I look forward to hearing a full length album by these guys in what I hope to be the near future. Make sure you check this band out, and if you can make it to The Barbary this weekend get there early and show these guys some love.

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