REVIEW: Testimony

Here’s a band that really impresses me, they’re called Testimony and they were brought to my attention via an email simply stating:

 “We play progressive thrash, and we will soon begin streaming our debut EP “Transcending Reality.” I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing a review. If you you’re interested that’d be great.”  

Let me tell you all right now, you should all be interested in this band. Individually these musicians are extremely talented, but put them together and you have what may be considered a match made in heaven. Don’t believe me? Then the track “Test of Sanity” will certainly change your mind. This 5:18 instrumental track is something that many bands who have been around for years wish they could achieve. Tracks like “Society’s End” and “Release from Life” are perfect examples of great progressive thrash and other bands in the genre should definitely take notes. Listening to this album is sort of like riding a roller coaster, there are many twist and turns and everyone is pure joy. The band isn’t afraid to mix things up and that is made very evident with the track “State of Delusion” which features tempo changes and fills that leave the listener both baffled and wanting more. That’s really the theme to the entire album; however the band never draws a track out by adding to many different elements to a song, which many progressive bands today seem to do. There is something for everyone on this debut from Testimony, and personally I’m looking forward to following this bands career. Judging by this release it’s going to be a long and extremely successful one. “Transcending Reality” the perfect title, because that is exactly what this band has done.

Overall: 10/10

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