National Suicide

Italy is a country that I have yet to discuss on this blog. What better way to change that than with modern day throwbacks National Suicide. This band rules in every aspect. With shredding guitars and great vocals, this is something that I can find myself listening to all day. As stated earlier I’m particularly fond of this bands vocalist. His voice reminds me of Blitz from Overkill in the sense that it’s unique and can probably never be duplicated. In fact this entire band really reminds me of the New Jersey thrash legends. Which is a compliment in the highest degree since Overkill is one of my favorite bands of all time. This band is straight from the ‘80s and has a nice old school vibe to ‘em, something I, as well as many others can never get enough of. So if you’re looking for a band that isn’t afraid to wave the old school flag with honor and pride I highly recommend National Suicide. Check them out and tell your friends to do the same.

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