REVIEW: Alcoholator-Coma

Alcoholator are a thrash metal band from Canada who know how to both party and shred like no other. On their album debut album “Coma” the latter is made perfectly clear right of the bat with the opening track “Intoxication 101” a two minute instrumental that will certainly have anyone pumping their fist and screaming for more. Their devotion for their craft and love for their influences is made evident with a great cover of “Pounding Metal” which stays very true to the original while still having an Alcoholator feel to it. Love partying? So do Alcoholator! and tracks like “Liquid Thrash” and “Drink Beer…Or Die Trying” are the perfect party tracks. In fact they’re perfect tracks in general. Both will have you singing along and blasting your stereo louder than any glass can withstand. “The Chamber” and “Break the Wall” will have you doing just that, it is a prime example of what makes not only this band great but thrash metal in general. If you’re looking for an album that can hold its own with anything in your thrash collection both old and new you definitely need to check out this great offering by Alcoholator, it won’t disappoint.

Overall: 9/10

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