A really sweet band called Magnetron was brought to my attention via the Global Thrash Assault Facebook page. I really love what I have heard from these young thrashers from Holland. The tracks featured on their Facebook page are fantastic and you all need to check them out! “Born Witless” a track that can be found on the bands 2008 promo, features some pretty bad ass drums and lightning fast guitar work which all adds up to a pretty bad ass track that personally has me wanting more. It looks like the band just put out their debut album entitled “A Measured Timeframe” and judging by the track “Compulsory Communication” which appears on the previously mentioned album, this is one hell of a debut. Look for a full review of the release in the coming weeks. If you’d like to buy their ablum now you can do so by going here. And definitely make sure you show these guys some love and spread the word about them!

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