REVIEW: Pessimist- Call to War

Pessimist is a German thrash metal band who have great potential and you all need to listen to them. Their album “Call to War” was recorded in December 2009 and released sometime in 2010. I know I’m a little late here but I love this release and I know others will too so I’m going to review it and get more people into it.

From the first track “Trommelfeuer” it is clear that this band has separated themselves from the herd. With an ability to stay true to the old school while keeping things fresh, exciting and most importantly complete and utterly brutal. Enough cannot be stated about the uniqueness that this young band possesses. Tracks like “The Massacre of Nanking” and “It’s Time to Fuck (With Hate)” are a perfect example of what make Pessimist great, keeping the listener on edge while simultaneously pummeling them with riffs of fury coupled with unexpected twist and turns. That’s certainly not all this album has in store for you though, “Infernal Death” and the title track (Call to War) will have you moshing in your living room and leave you begging for more, they are both great examples of this bands passion for old school thrash metal. The bands vast skill set really shines through with the track “Son of Satan” a track that may be one of the best tracks off this killer album. This band has some serious chops and they show it in all aspects of “Call to War.” From the time you hit play to the last minute of “Another Day in Mania” this band will blow you away harder than any F5 tornado ever could. From a country whose thrash metal scene is dominated by legends like Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and Tankard the bar is set pretty high for any new band, in particular any new thrash metal band. From what I hear off this release Pessimist are ready to be the leaders of a new wave of German thrash metal. The future is bright for these lads.

Overall: 8/10

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