Two Of New Yorks Finest

I live in New York. My mission is to get people aware of great thrash bands all over the world. In my search I’ve stumbled upon two bands that I’m really digging who are located in my own backyard. The first is a band I saw open for Destruction at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. They are No Remission from Sleepy Hollow and they are on to something. I wouldn’t call them a full on thrash band because they combine many different elements to their songs, but I would call this a full on metal band that has something for everyone. Recently they unleashed their debut album “Through Blackened Skies”and it’s one that I really enjoy. It definitely has its thrash elements and should be enjoyed by any fan of the genre whether an occasional listener or a full on thrash warrior. Go check them out and if you can, see them live. It’s a great performance.

The second band is a new band from New Rochelle. They call themselves Orion and I’m loving what I hear from these guys. Definitely check out the track “Sun God” on their Facebook page. I haven’t heard much material from these guys other than what’s available for streaming but I’m looking forward to following their career closely. I recommend anyone who reads this to do the same.

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