Two of Sweden’s Finest

Sweden is the home of two bands I’d like to share with you. First are Six in Line. This is a relatively new band that has just released a new E.P. entitled “U Shud Hev Invtd Me” this new release is a great example of modern crossover and should be considered a great find for any fan of the genre. The beauty of this three track release is that it’s free for download on their Facebook page so definitely check this band out as well as this new release neither with disappoint.
The second band is Dr. LivingDead. This band is absolutely sensational. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves not just thrash but metal in general. The big news if you live in North America is that the bands self-titled album will be released on this side of the globe through Tribunal Records. This is exciting news; hopefully the band can make its way over here for a North American tour. Currently the band is working its way through Europe in support of Evile who are currently touring their latest release “Five Serpents Teeth” So make sure you check out the dates and details on the North American release here. And definitely make sure you check this band out, because the future is bright for this band.
In other news Global Thrash Assault is trying to expand. I’m trying to get the word out there on as many great thrash metal bands that I possibly can. So please spread the word about us and check us out on Facebook for even more great things! Thank you and definitely make sure you check out Six In Line and Dr. LivingDead!

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