Thrash Or Die

Not only is the name of this post a great motto to live your life by, it also happens to be the name of a pretty killer band from Miami. Trust me this band lives up to its name. Don’t believe me? Then check out their album “Poser Holocaust.” This album will rip your head off while at the same time leave you begging for more.  Tracks like “The Return of the Thrash Lord” and “Moshpit Messiah” will leave any thrash fan hailing not on the gods described, but “Thrash or Die” as well. “Fistfucking Metal” speaks for itself and describes what this album is. “Poser Holocaust” features riffs that are as heavy as a cement truck and as fast as a cheetah attacking its hopeless pray. Plan and simple this is a must own album by a band that has managed to somehow stay relatively unknown.  So check them out, buy the album and a t-shirt while you’re at it because this shit is mandatory.

Overall 8/10

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