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I’ve been a huge Diamond Plate fan for a number of years. Ever since they released their first EP on Stormspell Records, via the Thrash Clash series.  I was totally hooked and was blown away at how young they were. I mean they were ripping it up as good as their influences and were still in high school! Since then the band has released the Relativity E.P. and have signed to Earache Records not long after snatching their high school diplomas. Last year saw the release of their first full length entitled “Generation Why?” The band continues to progress and show maturity well past their years. Since the release the band has made its way through North America on several tours. This spring the band is hitting the road again with thrash metal legends Overkill. If that wasn’t insane enough the band is making an appearance at the fourteenth annual New England Metal and Hardcore Festival on April 21st. there are some great bands playing the fest this year and if you’ve seen Diamond Plate play live then you know they can tear it up live just as well as any band on this bill. So if you needed another reason to go to this show I’m giving it to you: Diamond Plate.

Speaking of the New England region Massachusetts heavy metal band Skull Hammer are releasing their phenomenal album “Pay it in Blood” on vinyl! If you haven’t heard of these guys you’re missing out. They kick some serious ass and have a nice old school vibe to them. On the live stage the band is a force to be reckoned with. Having seen these guys live not too long ago I can certainly say they will not disappoint and will certainly live up to how great their albums are. Show these guys some love and pick up “Pay it in Blood” as well as “Fear the Truth” you won’t be disappointed.
Here’s a few bands that I’ve been listening to lately and you should do the same. First Strike Master from Mexico.
And here we have Alcoholator from Canada.

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