Global Thrash Assault is a new blog with a simple mission to follow established as well as up and coming thrash metal bands throughout the globe. With so many great bands trying to make a name for themselves in a rapidly deteriorating music industry this will be a great place for fans to get into great thrash metal bands both new and old. I would love to devote every waking minute to this, but that would be impossible. I will do my best to promote shows whenever I can, I will post songs by bands both new and old and devote what time I have to promoting the genre of music that we all love.

How about we get things started. There are a couple of great new thrash metal bands you guys should check out if you haven’t already done so yet. One in particular is Insinnerator. This is a great band from the Dallas Texas area and you should definitely check out there first album Stalagmite of Ice. It’s great to see young guys keeping that thrash spirit alive.

If you live in the Hudson Valley Region of New York then you’re in luck, because two of my favorite thrash bands from the NWOTM are joining forces to play on hell of a show. Who you ask? How about Ventura thrashers Warbringer and the mighty Lich King from Massachusetts. That’s right on Monday March 12th The Loft in Poughkeepsie New York will never be the same. If you haven’t seen these bands decimate the stage live yet then now could not be a better time to do so. Tainted Entertainment have put together a great show here so please get out and support and enjoy what promises to be a great night of thrash metal.

Switching gears now, reunited thrashers Viking are finishing up recording a new album entitled “No Child Left Behind” all indications are pointing to a face melter here. If you haven’t heard this old school LA band yet don’t wait any longer to dig into their back catalogue. “Do or Die” and “Man of Straw” are both epic albums and “No Child Left Behind” should be just as good if now better. I cannot wait for this release.

Back to the new school the best metal act in Boston, Razormaze have entered the studio. Things seem to be moving along at a very speedy pace which seems to be the moto for these guys. Fast as fuck. I’ll keep you posted with details on the new album as they emerge. If you haven’t seen them live yet you should definitely do your best to do so. This show would be a great time to get thrashed and become a slave to the maze. In fact this entire line up is insane. If you can make it and you meet the age requirements then there is now reason for you not to attend.

On that not I’m going to let your mind absorb all that thrashtastic information but leave you with this one last bit of information just in case you haven’t heard yet:

Are you as pumped as I am for this?

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