ACID AGE Release New Track; Announce New Album.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like ever since I launched the new Global Thrash Assault website a week ago, there’s been nothing but awesome news from awesome bands!

Guess what? The good news just keeps coming, this time out of Ireland where the self-proclaimed “hyper” thrashers known as Acid Age just released a brand new track off their upcoming album, Drone Shark Ethics. 

The new track, ‘50,000 Robot Archers,’ features everything fans have come to expect from this band. A catchy main riff and some down-right BITCHING lead guitar make understanding the band’s hyper thrash nickname easy work. Throw in some aggressive drumming and tie the whole thing together with Acid Age’s signature raw production and you have yourself a great track off a much anticipated album.

Listen to ‘50,000 Robot Archers’ below and look for Drone Shark Ethics to be released on November 14th through Witches Brew Records.


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