INTERVIEW: Lefteris From BIO-CANCER Discusses The Band’s New Album; Signing With Candlelight Records And Future Plans!

Since forming sometime in late 2010, Bio-Cancer have gone from virtually unknown (except throughout their native Greece) to an underground sensation loved by legions of thrash fans around the world. The band’s 2011 album, Ear Piercing Thrash caused many people (myself included!) to turn their heads and drop their jaws in amazement. Somehow, someway, Bio-Cancer created an album that was as deadly as it was catchy and left many people (again, myself included) starving for more.

After nearly two years of playing shows in and around their native Greece in support of Ear Piercing Thrash, Bio-Cancer announced in late 2013 that the band would be hitting the studio to record their much anticipated sophomore release, Tormenting The Innocent. While the band was hard at work in the studio, Candlelight Records reached out and offered Bio-Cancer a record deal. With out hesitation Bio-Cancer accepted and the rest is, as they say, history.

Now several months after signing a deal with Candlelight, Bio-Cancer’s vocalist and founding member, Lefteris sat down to discuss the bands recent signing, all things Tormenting The Innocent and the future of Bio-Cancer.

GLOBAL THRASH ASSAULT: Hey guys, thanks so much for taking sometime out to answer a few question for me today. I know you guys have a lot going on, so your time is much appreciated!

LEFTERIS: Hey man really no problem at all, we have to thank you for the interest and support!

Before we go any further with this interview I have to congratulate you all on your recent signing with Candlelight Records. How did this “marriage” between you two come to be? Did you contact the label or did the label reach out to you? What made you sign with Candlelight? Why not continue as a successful DIY band?

Well Candlelight Records was already (among others) on our list of big time labels that we intended to send promo stuff to after we had our album in our hands. So you can imagine our surprise when they contacted us first when they found out we had a new album going on and asked us if were interested in making a deal. We never thought twice about whether to sign or not, I think their catalog speaks for itself and sure being a DIY band is OK and everything but having a label of that magnitude is a powerful “tool” which can become extremely useful if used properly. Plus they really seem to give opportunities to smaller bands as well, which is something that can’t be overlooked.


I know the ink has barely dried on the contract and I don’t want to get too ahead of myself here but I have to ask, what does your recent signing to Candlelight mean for the future of Bio-Cancer? Or what do you all hope it means for the future of Bio-Cancer?

I really have no idea about the future or what it will brig but to me this signing means that we have to work very hard, harder than ever actually and stay 101% devoted and down to earth in order to achieve all our future goals. Sure the whole Candlelight deal is a huge opportunity but if we don’t work our asses off no one is ever gonna pick us up and turn us into the next (…insert band name here…)

Speaking of DIY, Bio-Cancer recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for your new studio album. How did the idea to launch an Indiegogo campaign come about? How did the fans respond to the campaign?

Initially we saw Obituary (and more recently Rigor Mortis) doing the same thing which we though was kinda cool even though they seemed to ask for a rather large amount of cash. Anyway we found ourselves in a financial slump and since we didn’t have much merch left to sell we thought to go for it, what’s to lose anyway? Of course we kept the whole campaign to a mere symbolic amount, we would never ask anyone to fund the entire recording/mixing/mastering costs. Hopefully lots of people supported the campaign either by funding it or by simply sharing it on Facebook etc. We had some rather negative reaction too of course as many seem to think that this is some way of  “e-begging” but to cut a long story short the campaign was successfully funded and we are proud of the fact that we achieved it without spamming the whole thing like idiots everyday or breaking everyone’s balls with it all the time. Also interesting is the fact that we received zero funds from our native Greece. Eternal hails to all of your friends from abroad for their support!

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on with Bio-Cancer as far as live shows are concerned but you guys have been extremely busy behind the scenes. Late last year you released the art work for your second full-length album, Tormenting The Innocent, and announced you were hitting the studio to record the highly anticipated album. Can you give us a little update on the new album’s progress? Where are you at in the recording process? Can we expect to hear Tormenting The Innocent soon?

Yeah after our show with Sodom in April we really kept the whole thing under the radar. Basically the album’s recordings are finished and right now it is being mixed and mastered at Stage One Studio in Germany by Andy Classen.

Let’s talk a little about the writing process for the new album. What exactly is the writing process for the band like? Does one person bring the ideas to the table or is it more of a communal effort where everyone gets together and hashes things out? Did the band go about writing Tormenting The Innocent any differently than Ear Piercing Thrash or did the process remain pretty much unchanged?

Basically our guitarist made up all the basic song structures and after that everyone puts their own ideas and stuff on their respective instruments. Back in 2011 when we were composing/recording Ear Piercing Thrash we were only two members aboard (come to think about it, it was something like a duet haha) so the whole process was very very simple but now as a full band everyone contributed cause it’s a team “sport” after all.

Let’s talk about the recording process for Tormenting The Innocent. Who exactly is producing this album? Has recording Tormenting The Innocent been any different from recording Ear Piercing Thrash? If so in what ways exactly? How has your experience recording Ear Piercing Thrash helped you in recording Tormenting The Innocent?

Just as Ear Piercing Thrash this album was also produced by the band. Regarding the recording process I think we did it the right way (finally). Ear Piercing Thrash was pretty much a home recording (with drum machine and the whole shebang) as we did not have any label plans or hopes at the time nor we knew much about sound engineering etc. But with Tormenting we entered a proper studio with state of the art equipment and knowledgeable staff and we made sure that any of our past “mistakes” wouldn’t show up on this record. I’m sure that sound wise this one won’t disappoint anyone.

Let’s talk about the actual album itself now. How many track will Tormenting The Innocent contain?

It will contain nine tracks and the set-list for anyone interested is:


1. Obligate To Incest
2. Tormenting The Innocent
3. Bulletproof
4. Boxed Out
5. F(r)iends or Fiends?
6. Think!
7. Chemical Castration
8. Haters Gonna…Suffer!
9. Life Is Tough (So Am I)

Ear Piercing Thrash was an intense listening experience that featured some of the catchiest riffs I’ve ever heard. What can fans expect to hear on the new Bio-Cancer album? Is Tormenting The Innocent going to feature those catchy riffs we heard on Ear Piercing Thrash or is the band going to be taking things in a new direction?

The general style of course will be the same. We tried to evolve our songs by inserting some new elements which we never used before such as some death/black touches in the mix which I think came naturally cause we were always in the vein of “extreme metal”, and by giving each song its own identity as proposed to those on Ear Piercing Thrash which sounded pretty much the same. I think friends of the band can expect really REALLY fast and brutal songs with a hint of melody here and there. I think that this will be a more interesting record to listen to as opposed to Ear Piercing Thrash which was, as someone told us “a song that lasts for about 30 minutes.” He wasn’t far off I’m afraid. Haha!

What type of lyrical content will you guys be covering on Tormenting The Innocent? Is the album’s title and past lyrics a good indication of things to come?

There will be some variety in them as well. Except for the real life stories about torment and things like that. Some songs deal with more personal stuff while others have a political hint in them and so on.

Has a release date for Tormenting The Innocent been determined yet?

Not yet, still waiting for the label to announce it.

Once the album is released what can fans expect from Bio-Cancer? Do you guys have any shows lined up? What about future tours?

We don’t have anything planed yet but after the release of the new album we’ll really book as many shows/tours as possible.

Thanks so much for the great interview guys! Congratulations again on all your recent success and I look forward to what the future holds for Bio-Cancer! Is there anything you’d like to add before we wrap things up?

Again, we have to thank you for your constant support! Also big hails to each and everyone who supported us so far in any way and of course to all the guys from Indiegogo! Stay tuned friends cause we will be back…with a vengeance! Ear Piercing Thrash till death!

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