HOME STYLE SURGERY Release New Digital Demo.

Last week, Home Style Surgery released a brand spanking new digital demo, Two Essays of Disturbing Human Behaviour. The new demo, which is available to download as a “name your price” option on the band’s BandCamp Page, features two tracks which were recorded in the Home Style Surgery rehearsal room. I know what you’re probably thinking: “recorded in a rehearsal room? It probably sounds terrible!” To be honest, I thought the same thing.

Well guess what? We were both wrong! Two Essays of Disturbing Human Behaviour, is a great sounding recording all around. Not only can you hear everything perfectly, this demo features some of Home Style Surgery’s best riffs to date, which is saying a lot considering this band is a riffing machine. The only real complaint I have about this release is the fact that it’s only two tracks! I need more of this awesome sounding thrash!

Listen to Two Essays of Disturbing Human Behaviour in the player below and if you like what you hear “name your price” over on the band’s BandCamp page at this location. Oh and don’t forget to check out the band on Facebook!


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