INCINERY Release New Track; Release Details On New Album.


Good news, NO, GREAT NEWS! Although I’m pretty sure most of you were able to figure that out based on the capital letter excitement from the first line of this post.

Incinery, a.k.a. one of the most promising thrash acts from a UK thrash scene filled with nothing but promising thrash acts, has released a new track off their highly anticipated new album: Dead, Bound and Buried.

The new track, Silent Supremacy, premiered on “The Squatter Spot on TBFMOnline” last night and was uploaded to the Incinery SoundCloud page earlier today (October 20th) for all to hear. Good thing too, because you’re gonna want to listen to this beast of a track over and over again!

Silent Supremacy is nothing short of great. The track is as catchy as it is brutal and features a main riff that is sure to leave the neck of even the most seasoned thrasher sore. Throw in some harsh vocals, relentless drumming and some damn fine lead guitar work and you have yourself the formula for creating a great thrash metal track. A formula in which Incinery clearly has a firm understanding of.

Listen to Silent Supremacy in the player below. If you like what you hear then be a sport and pre-order yourself a copy of Dead, Bound and Buried before the album is released on November 7th. Get yourself a physical copy straight from the band at this location, or order a digital copy from Amazon MP3 at this location. You can also pre-order the album from iTunes and receive Silent Supremacy now to hold you over until the album is released. Regardless of how you get it, just get it!

Dead, Bound and Buried track listing:

01. With Strange Aeons

02. Death May Die

03. Deceiver

04. Tragedy of One

05. Destroy The Gods

06. Edifice of Ruin

07. Lesser Instincts of Our Nature

08. His Dark Materials

09. The Madman’s Tale

10. Silent Supremacy

11. Dead, Bound and Buried 


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