Do you guys remember reading the post talking about the much anticipated debut Incinery album: ‘Dead, Bound and Buried?’ Well shortly after that feature went up the band contacted me wondering if I would like to review the album before its release on November 7th. I promptly agreed and after a few days of listening to the long awaited album on repeat, it’s time to deliver the final verdict on ‘Dead, Bound and Buried.’

To be honest I have been putting this post off for several days now. Usually when I brush something off for an extended period of time it’s because I’m dreading having to do it. Cleaning my room and my math homework from high school are pretty good examples of this behavior. However in this particular case the reason for my “laziness” was one of pure selfishness. I simply could not stop listening to ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ long enough to sit down and write this review. The number of times I said “I should probably write this review….oh, I’ll do it after this track” is too high to count. Although the reason for my delay is a bit embarrassing, it speaks volumes about the quality of this album.

Since forming way back in 2009, Incinery has been a shining star in a scene filled with nothing but bright lights. The Nottingham thrashers got off to a quick start, releasing their debut EP ‘Dawn of War’ in 2011 and a second EP, ‘Nothing Left’ just two years later in 2013. Throw in an appearance on the “The New Blood” stage at Hammerfest in between releases and add a growing fan base on both the national and international level and you have yourself a promising young band just waiting to break out.

As of November 7th 2014, Incinery will no longer be “waiting to break out,” instead the band will be on the radar of every thrash metal fan, both young and old. ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ is a diamond in a pile of cubic zirconia’s; it’s the real deal.

Before you read any further I should probably warn you: if you’re looking for a great thrash album with a few “slower” songs and a nice atmosphere…this is not the album for you. ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ is uncompromisingly heavy and a downright intense listening experience. The album features a young band running on all cylinders who are out to take no prisoners, on this, their debut full length album.

The album starts off with the track “With Strange Aeons,” an eerie instrumental that turns into an all out metal assault right around the half way mark. Then, without missing a beat, the album jumps right into the next track, “Death May Die” and from this point on, ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ is nothing but business. Any fan of the band will tell you Incinery knows how to write some damn fine riffs, in fact, the band’s first two releases were chock full of nothing but riffing goodness; it’s the reason why this band has experienced all the success they have. Believe it or not, ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ features Incinery’s best riffs to date. As a matter of fact the entire album is overflowing with neck snapping goodness. Tracks like “Edifice of Ruin” and “The Madman’s Tale” will have you seeking legal advice from an attorney because of all the damage they will inflict upon your poor, unsuspecting vertebra. Tracks like “Tragedy of One” and “Silent Supremacy” are the reason many of us listen to thrash metal and prove Incinery are a band who know how to write and play some damn fine music. While the riffs are are the main highlight of the album, they’re not the only highlight. In fact, if I’m being honest, the whole album is a highlight.The harsh and in your face vocals will keep your blood pumping while the blistering solos and pounding drum assault will blow your mind and cave in your chest respectively. Although this may read as an unpleasant experience, listening to ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ is quite the opposite. In fact it’s a great experience! It’s the kind of album you will listen to over and over again and when you’re not listening to the album, you’ll be thinking about listening to the album. ‘Dead, Bound and Buried’ is as addictive as it is intense and is mandatory listening for anyone that calls themselves a metalhead.

OVERALL: 95/100

Make sure to follow Incinery on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to order yourself a copy of Dead, Bound and Buried from the band here or through their BandCamp page. You’re not gonna want to miss out on this one!



01. With Strange Aeons

02. Death May Die

03. Deceiver

04. Tragedy of One

05. Destroy The Gods

06. Edifice of Ruin

07. Lesser Instincts of Our Nature

08. His Dark Materials

09. The Madman’s Tale

10. Silent Supremacy

11. Dead, Bound and Buried

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