BIO-CANCER Release Music Video For New Track, BULLETPROOF.

Like the last post, I’m a little way behind on this bit of news, however for some reason I don’t see a whole lot of people talking about this, so I’ll gladly talk about it!

Approximately two weeks ago, Bio-Cancer, one of my favorite (Greek) thrash metal bands today, released the first single off their highly anticipated new album, Tormenting The Innocent in the form of a kick-ass debut music video!

Bulletproof is the first new material we’ve heard from Bio-Cancer since the band released their debut album, Ear Piercing Thrash, way back in 2011. Although the wait for new material has been painstaking, it sure has been worth it!

After listening to “Bulletproof” more times than I could possibly count, I’m more excited to hear Tormenting The Innocent than ever before. “Bulletproof” features a more mature Bio-Cancer while still providing the catchy riffs, face melting solos and vicious vocals that fans have come to know and love.

If you’re not familiar with Bio-Cancer, now is the perfect time to discover this young up-and-coming thrash band. Listen to “Bulletproof” in the player below and look for Tormenting The Innocent to be released sometime in the near future through Candlelight Records.


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