I don’t know about you but I like my coffee with a little French vanilla creamer, my beer cold and my riffs catchier than a cold during flu season… What’s that? You drink your coffee black and you don’t care much for beer? Whatever. At least we can agree on the catchy riffs!

Super Shredder, the brand new track from Dallas thrashers, Electric Vengeance, is something we who love catchy riffs can all agree on! In fact it’s a prime example of “riffs catchier than a cold during flu season.” The three minute track is not only the first single of the band’s upcoming debut album, Manic Possession,¬†but it’s the first I’ve heard of this band! Where the hell have I been?¬†Seriously, what the hell?

Regardless of where I was before (under a rock maybe?) I’m back on track now and loving this killer new track. Super Shredder is super addictive opening with a galloping drum intro and then bursting into a riff that will have you banging your head in approval in no time flat! Super Shredder is fast, catchy (in case I haven’t made that point clear) and an all around good time!

Give Super Shredder a listen (or, if you’re like me, several listens) in the player below and don’t forget to check out Electric Vengeance on Facebook. Oh, and you can be sure when more details on Manic Possession are released I’ll be brining them to you.


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