That’s right ladies and gentlemen, like the title of this post says, IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING!

The “it” of course being the much talked about, probably not very anticipated at this point, Global Thrash Assault Podcast OR as I’m calling it, Talking Thrash! Awesome name right? I’m not going to admit how proud I am of myself for coming up with that, just know it’s probably more than I should be.


I’m finally starting the podcast I’ve been talking about for nearly a year now. What’s been the hold up you ask? Well for about eight out of the twelve months I’ve been talking about doing this the answer is simple: laziness.

The other four months are slightly more complicated. You see for eleven years I avoided going to the dentist and for my entire life I haven’t flossed. This past August I decided to go to the dentist for a simple cleaning and a few x-rays. Three wisdom teeth extractions, two root canals, two crowns on top of those root canals, and six fillings later, I have learned a very important lesson. Needless to say, these past four months have been a nightmare!

Long story short (believe me, what you read isn’t long compared to what I endured) all my dental work is now finished and my pearly (off) whites are as good as new! My mouth is pain free and I’m ready to talk thrash (see how good that name is?)

Come hell or high water you’re going to listen to the first episode next week. This is a promise and a guarantee. The first episode isn’t going to feature an interview, it’s just going to be me playing music, sharing my thoughts and a few bits of news as well. Hopefully you’ll hear a killer new band you haven’t heard before and perhaps have a laugh or two along the way as well. If not you can always laugh at the guy who talked about doing a podcast for twelve months and when he finally sat down and recorded one it was a terrible waste of time. But seriously, I hope you enjoy it!

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