ERADICATOR Release Artwork For New Album, Slavery

Exciting news for all you Eradicator fans out there! I’m assuming that’s almost all of you, right?


I’ve been a fan of Eradicator for a few years now. There’s something special about these German thrashers that just lures me in. Maybe it’s their fantastic riffs or their searing solos. It’s hard to place my finger on it really, especially since everything about the band is great. Like many of you, I’ve been eagerly awaiting a new album from the Eradicator boys since the band’s last release, 2012’s Madness Is My Name. 

After two years of (im)patiently waiting, I was beginning to lose hope. However this weekend Eradicator released the artwork to their highly anticipated new album, Slavery, bringing a smile to this blogger’s face and proving the old adage true: good things truly come to those who wait!

From the official Eradicator Facebook page:


Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen because the brand new Eradicator album drops on January 30th of next year! Who else is excited for this?




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