MOSHING MONDAY: Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” Of INSINNERATOR Talks About His Favorite Albums PART 2

Last week I introduced a brand new weekly feature – Moshing Monday – where members of thrash bands share their favorite albums and discuss the reasons they love these albums so much.

Kicking things off was the first in a three part series featuring Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” of Insinnerator. Last week Christopher shared a few of his favorite old-school thrash metal albums¬†with us, and now this week, he’s sharing a few of his favorite New Wave Of Thrash Metal Albums with us.

Check out what the “Atomic Thrasher” had to say below and be sure to check out Insinnerator on Facebook if you haven’t done so already!


New Wave of Thrash Metal Albums:

Lich King- Born of the Bomb: It’s fun to follow a band like Lich King. Their progression through their albums is really cool to see. This record is a culmination of all of that progression thus far. Hard hitting, fast, and with plenty of different feeling, “Born of the Bomb” is sure to always keep you interested. From the mosh riffs of the appropriately titled “Combat Mosh” to the plodding, destructive rhythms of “Agnosticism”, you will certainly have a sore neck by the end of this one. Rob really shines in the lead department, giving Lich King more of a shreddy edge that they hadn’t quite grasped before. Both fun and serious lyrics in this one help keep you focused, always wondering what Tom is going to belt our next. Incredible album, and beware of their next one. I’m sure we’ll get another monsterbeast.

Condition Critical- Operational Hazard Ouch, that hurt. You hear those notes on “Random Acts of Killing”? Man, that just slaughtered. With a full length album that is shorter than our EP “Hypothermia” when you tag “Curse (Horror of Dracula)” on the end, Condition Critical wastes no time getting straight to the point. Don’t go looking for any melodic features here. All you’re going to get is face ripping thrash metal. And that’s just the way I like it. Alonzo and Sam make a great team here (as do Alonzo and Tony, the new guitarist). Both shred and rip. Definitely more on the speedy side, which is always a plus for me. A lot of fun rhythms are spread out on this album, which gives it a nice variety of feels. Amazing albums by amazing friends, I can’t wait for the next one.

Vektor- Outer Isolation What can be said about Vektor that hasn’t been said already. Vektor does a lot of things that I like to do with effects and atmosphere that pertain to the imagery they use. From the opening moments of “Cosmic Cortex”, we get that. Harmonizing guitars over a spacey pad just sets the mood for the whole album. When the distortion comes in the drums start pounding, the circle pits get going. That’s one great thing about Vektor: they KNOW they’re creative, but also know they’re a thrash metal band, and never sacrifice the thrash parts for some of their more experimental sections. A lot of use of great clean guitars here with drums, something I’m not very good at. David’s vocals are as mean as ever, his space falcon voice soaring over some intense thrash. Great album, great guys, their concept should be loads of fun.

Merciless Death- Realm of Terror Evil. Just freakin’ evil. Seriously, listen to “Summoning of the Ancient Ones” and try not to slaughter anybody. Merciless Death are the kings of the simple and catchy, yet dark, riffs. This album is full of them. Andy’s vocals have taken a different turn on this album that may take some time getting used to, but it seems to fit the wider sound of this album. Dan’s improvised solos are always incredible, and Ceaser really stepped up his game on this album. Listen to his rhythms on the high hats and ride. Doubles and triplets out the ass. “Cult of Doom” is a stand out one. The midtempo in the middle is a monster. I also love the way it starts and ends the same, I’m a big fan of that. It’s like bookend to a perfect album.

Terrorist- Blessed by the Beast Terrorist is incredible. Simple riffs, but they just knock you on your ass. The production of this album really helps drive it home. The lack of high hats don’t feel out of place, in fact, it gives it a darker sound. Thrashing Hammers works with what he has, creates a really cool, dark vibe. Freddy and Desecrator work perfectly on their strings, and Freddy’s voice is amazing. It fits perfectly over the hellish sounds. There are even some major chord progressions that don’t sound out of place. They are able to take that standard heavy metal influence and mix it with their thrash sound to make Satan himself cower. Love these guys, love their music. Amazing band.

Honorable mentions: Fueled By Fire- Plunging into Darkness, Exmortus- Slave to the Sword, Hatchet-Dawn of the End of Time, Smash Potater- In Buffet, There is no Law, Warbringer- Waking into Nightmares, Warhead-Death Row, Dismantle- Satanic Force, Execution- Perversions and Blasphemy, Madrost- Maleficent, Bonded By Blood- Exiled to Earth, Pitiful Reign- Visual Violence, Bludvera- Terrorform, Steel Bearing Hand- ST, Power Trip- Manifest Decimation, Testimony- Transcending Reality, Malakyte- Human Resonance, Sakrificer- Ice Burial, Acid Speech- Corrosive Riot, Violator- Chemical Assault

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