Before we go any further it should be noted that this review is long overdue. I mean really long overdue. Many apologies to both Evil Eye Records and Lich King. I’m simply the worst.

Now that that’s out of the way lets get started, shall we?

Nearly one month ago (12/25/2014) the mighty Lich King gave fans the ultimate “Lichmas” present when they released a brand new EP through Evil Eye Records. Well, sort of. The EP was in fact released through Evil Eye Records however the album isn’t exactly “new,” rather a re-recording of five previously released tracks – Mascot War; Thrashssacre; Predator; Toxic Zombie Onslaught; and Black Metal Sucks – all of which appeared on the band’s first two albums, Necromantic Maelstrom and Toxic Zombie Onslaught. Throw in the track Crossover Songs Are Too Damn Short and a kick-ass cover of the Van Halen classic Hot For Teacher and there you have it: Do-Over.

So what’s different this time around? It’s simple, really. The tracks are better than ever before.

“It’s time to correct past mistakes” is how Lich King marketed this release and that’s exactly what the band has done. Take for example the album’s opening track, Mascot War. What was once a (for lack of a better word) dreadful sounding track that featured harsh rushed vocals and not the best sounding guitar tone is now a monster of a track. It’s beefy, crisp and precise. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same track, which is pretty much the overall theme with Do-Over. Don’t get me wrong, Mascot War and all the other re-recorded tracks on this album were great just the way they were. All the neck snapping riffs were there, they just needed a little tender love and care in order for them to reach their full potential. A different drum fill here; change this riff there; clean up the vocals throughout; give it all the whole thing the studio production it so rightly deserves and there you have it. Now, the tracks flourish like never before.

Do-Over is without-a-doubt Lich King’s best sounding album to date. It takes the very reason we all fell in love with Lich King and some how makes us fall in love with the band all over again. It’s simply a must own album for any fan of Lich King and great thrash metal in general. Get on this. IMMEDIATELY!

Overall: 100/100


Do yourself a favor and order a copy of Do-Over here. And be sure to check out Lich King on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and BandCamp. 



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