It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Bio-Cancer. In fact, its been too long since we’ve heard anything new from Bio-Cancer. The Greek thrashers made waves back in 2012 after the release of their debut album, the aptly named Ear Piercing Thrash. Since then however, things have appeared to slow down for Bio-Cancer. Sure the band has played a few shows across their native Greece but it wasn’t until Christmas time 2013 when the band made waves for the second time by releasing the artwork for their much anticipated sophomore album, Tormenting The Innocent. Apparently things weren’t as “slow” as they appeared.

All Bio-Cancer has managed to do since then is launch a successful Indiegogo campaign, sign with Candlelight Records, and release their first music video for the track Bulletproof, which also happens to be the first single off Tormenting The Innocent. Not to shabby, eh?

Now, well over a year since releasing the artwork, Bio-Cancer are gearing up to create their biggest wave to date by releasing Tormenting The Innocent, their first album since Ear Piercing Thrash and their first through Candlelight Records. 

Tsunami doesn’t even begin to describe the size wave Bio-Cancer are about to unleash with Tormenting The Innocent. The album not only features the band’s best material to date, but proves the old saying true: good things come to those who wait. You see, Bio-Cancer are like a fine wine or a good bourbon, they get better with age. Granted the “aging” process has taken longer than everyone would have wanted it to, but the end result may very well end up being one of the best damn thrash releases of 2015.

Tormenting The Innocent simply blows Ear Piercing Thrash right out of the water. It’s obvious the band spent countless hours critiquing every riff and refining every note until they got what they were looking for. The end result is an album that’s more musically mature than it’s predecessor while still managing to be more addictive and intense than nearly any band in the thrash metal genre today. Tracks like Tormenting The Innocent and Haters Gonna…Suffer! feature vocalist Lefteris’ most violent performance to date while the rest of the band delivers some of the fastest and intense riffs on the entire album. F(r)iends or Fiends? begins with a gloomy orchestral intro before turning into the most musically mature and perhaps best song Bio-Cancer has ever written. Bulletproof and Life Is Tough (so am I) are classic Bio-Cancer, featuring loads of gang vocals, intense drumming and plenty of neck snapping riffs.

Overall Tormenting The Innocent is nothing short of great. Whether you’re a fan of Bio-Cancer or just getting into the band, Tormenting The Innocent is certainly an album that will please. It’s not only Bio-Cancer’s best album, it may very well end up being one of the best album’s of 2015.

OVERALL: 95/100


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