After his fantastic review of Biotoxic Warfare’s debut album, Lobotomized, Joel from the Stay Heavy Always Blog is back again with another review! This time he takes on Blindeath’s debut album, Into The Slaughter. Read what he has to say about the Italian thrashers debut below!


To the best of my knowledge, I’d never heard a single note from a single Italian metal band until I listened to Into the Slaughter, the debut full-length from Milan thrash metal merchants Blindeath. All I really know about Italy is what I’ve learned from history classes and from movies, but I do know that Italians have a reputation for being passionate, and passion is one thing that Into the Slaughter has in spades.

Blindeath wear their influences proudly on their collective sleeve, and to this listener they serve as a perfectly sturdy bridge between the dirtier, grittier bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and the New Wave of Thrash Metal. Traces of both Venom and Motörhead permeate the vocals, which at times also invokes thoughts of 1990’s-era Killing Joke, newer Voivod, and on one song (“Rebels Die Hard”), even grindcore pioneers Terrorizer. The guitar work is excellent throughout (both the riffing and the super-melodic soloing), and the drums and bass form a nearly impenetrable bottom line, and the whole of the music makes it hard to remain seated, but it will make you run faster on a treadmill.

The one-minute-and-forty-two-second long instrumental interlude “2977” provides a nice respite between the (relatively) slow burn of “Arcadia” (the two songs are inspired by Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a Japanese manga and animated series set in the year 2977) and the rip-roaring, devastating blast of the aforementioned “Rebels Die Hard”. “Moshing Maniax” and “Welcome to the Thrash Party” are both pretty self-explanatory, and as one might expect, both are absolute scorchers.

The comic book-inspired cover art by the super-talented Francesca Follini combines just the right amount of metal, politics, and sleaze, and provides the potential listener with a pretty good idea of the sounds contained within. In all, this is a very solid album, and I expect Blindeath have some pretty great things in store for the world. I, for one, am very much looking forward to hearing those things.

Standout tracks: “Blood and Guts”, “Rebels Die Hard”, “Welcome to the Thrash Party”


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